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Little Creek Crossing is the perfect place to visit for those hoping to explore the past and leave city life far behind.

Why don’t you…

Sip your first morning coffee on the stone terrace as you watch the deer and other wildlife feed.

Stroll Lamoille’s quiet country roads, stopping long enough to watch the deer or maybe to go antiquing.

Pack an old-fashioned picnic lunch, eating it in beautiful Lamoille Grove (just steps from Little Creek) or taking it just ten miles up Lamoille Canyon.

Bake a log cabin house with cookie molds and decorate it to match the season.

Take a drive to Lamoille Canyon and discover the breathtaking reason this area is often referred to as the “Crown Jewel” of northeastern Nevada.

Go for a mild, moderate, or intense hike on one of Lamoille Canyon’s trails.

Make a gourmet meal in the fabulous chef's kitchen--fully equipped with a commercial refrigerator, Viking stove, Kitchen Aid mixer, food processor, and blender.

Play a board game or video game with the family.

Dangle your feet in the seasonal “little creek” which runs below the patio, most years, from May to mid August.

Read a great book from the house library.

Visit Pine Lodge or O’Carroll’s Bar & Grill for dinner, both just a short walk from the house.

Sip a glass of wine and enjoy the quiet and moonlight from the bedroom balcony.

These ideas are just for starters!

You WON’T run out of things to do in the area, but don’t be surprised if you’re seduced into doing nothing at all.
Little Creek Crossing is also the perfect place for doing just that…

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